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Publish on 04-14-2017
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Bizons Farm - Borecka Forest
Open from May to October
City: Wolisko Village, Borecka Forest


A European Bison enclosure located in Wolisko in the Borecka Forest is one of the most interesting attractions in the Kruklanki area. Thanks to an observation platform it is possible to watch these huge animals while they are fed.

European bison lived in their natural habitat in the Borecka Forest up until the 17th century.

After the Second World War, a programme was implemented to save the species. This involved searching for European bison with roots in Białowieża that had ended up in natural parks or in zoos under differing circumstances. These activities resulted in bringing European bison back to their natural habitat within the Borki Forestry in 1969, since the Borecka Forest is classified as primary forest. It is what remains of the huge Galindia Forest.

At present, the herd of European bison in the Borecka Forest numbers about 100 animals. A large proportion of wild European bison live in the Forest.

Between May and September tourists can go to Wolisko and for a small payment watch part of the herd being fed in the morning or in the evening.

It is also worth combining the route to Wolisko with a visit to the ruins of a blown-up bridge by the river Sapina near Kruklanki and the remains of the Third Reich quarters of H. Himmler in the forest near Pozezdrze. It makes an attractive tourist route that can be also walked in the company of a guide who can facilitate reaching the mentioned places and provide a better insight into the history and present times.


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