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Publish on 04-03-2017
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Giżycko - public place
City: Św. Brunona Street, Giżycko 11-500


St Bruno Hill over Lake Niegocin in Giżycko is a special place for Christians. The hill commemorates the death of Bruno of Querfurt, a missionary who tried to spread Christianity in the land of Prussians and was killed there on 9 March 1009. Historians agree on the date but the place is doubtful.

St Bruno Hill in the Giżycko area is considered to be one of the plausible locations for the martyr’s death. Once it was known as Table Hill (probably due to its shape) but since 30 October 1910, when residents of Loetzen (now Giżycko) erected a commemorative cross to honour St Bruno’s death, it has been called St Bruno Hill.

The cross, which was founded by Evangelicals was made in the pattern of the cross from Tenkitten dedicated to St Adalbert of Prague. The St Bruno Cross in Giżycko is a monument, and the hill itself is a favourite walking destination for many local residents.

The hill offers a magnificent view of Lake Niegocin and a panorama of Giżycko. One can get there by walking up St Bruno Street, which was modernised few years ago. The road is reminiscent of a medieval granite trail, while along it a Way of the Cross has been established with stations made of glacial erratics, which makes the place even more unique.


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