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The Himmler Bunker
public place
Phone: English-speaking Guide +48 500 209 895
City: Pozezdrze


The Hochwald Complex was built for Heinrich Himmler, the SS, Gestapo and the Police Chief. This is the most mysterious WW2 headquarter of the Third Reich in Masuria.

At the place in Masuria Himmler chose a forest near Pozezdrze village, close to the road Giżycko – Węgorzewo and besides a train line.

The place consisted of six concrete shelters and wooden barracks. The main object was a large shelter, similar of the largest in Mamerki and the Wolf's Lair.

Despite the destruction of the object is available for sightseeing.

There are several mysterious stories in this place. Apparently the Germans in 1944 didn’t have time to take out all the archives from here and partly buried the forest. Till today, have not been able to find this place. Another story is that at the end of 1944 two armored vehicles with cargo from Himmler's headquarter were sunk in Gołdopiwo Lake close to Kruklanki village. Despite the search, this was not confirmed.

Bunkers in Pozezdrze were evacuated at the end of 1944.

We advise caution, especially in the hallway and inside the remains of the premises.

You should park your car at the free parking area opposite side to the cemetery in Pozezdrze. From the car park you will find a pleasant path - about 300 meters long - on the former railway line where the train station was.

Admission free.


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