At the beginning of the 20th century, a 30 metre water tower was built in Giżycko.

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For 96 years, it delivered water to the residents of the town. The reconstruction of the grid in the mid-1990s, however, made it lose its central importance as a technical facility.

It was privatised and a Giżycko-based businessman, Henryk Górny, became the new owner. The structure was remodelled and adapted for the purposes of tourism. A dome was added to the top with an observation deck and a coffee house, now considered as the highest-placed coffee shop in all of Masuria. To get there, you need to climb 129 stairs or take the elevator.

The terrace gives a beautiful view of Lake Niegocin and the town of Giżycko. Alongside the coffee house and the observation deck, the building also houses a private museum with documents and objects that illustrate the life of the town’s former residents.

The Water Tower is open from may up to end of october.










The Water Tower
(Wieża Ciśnień)

Warszawska Str. 37, Giżycko

+48 87 428 51 70

+48 503 091 955

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