Masurian ZOO Safari is located in Okrągłe village between Giżycko and Orzysz

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In the park visitors can watch the life and customs of wildlife living in a natural environment. Over 100 hectares of land are home to more than 400 animals and up to 24 different species.

The tour takes place with off-road cars and stylized carriages, which is a cool attraction. This way of riding gives you an unforgettable opportunity to observe the animals close up and take pictures.

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The safari trip begins with a visit to the herd of wild boars. Next are the flocks of grazing fallow deers, mufflers, highland and hereford cows, tarpans and horses. There is also a pony, lama glam and guanaco. There are donkeys, goats, sheeps. All animals live in symbiosis.

We invite you to a joint trip. For childrens you can use a car seat. We invite adventure lovers and adventurers to visit our animals also in winter. For winter safari, we ride on off-road cars.

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Please book your phone in advance: +48 660 811 811

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