Welcome to Masuria, the Land of Thousand Lakes in Poland!

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The region is the home for many species of animals and birds, an ideal place for rest and entertainment.
A special charm to the attractiveness of the lands and forests. The largest are Borecka Forest And Piska Forest with Masurian Landscaped Park. The forest’s greatest attraction is the European Bison Breeding Station in Wolisko (Borecka Forest) with about 100 animals.

The splendid natural surroundings are the basis for development of all forms of tourism. There are hiking and cycling routes, encouraging tourists for walks, excursions and jogging. Canoe fans will admire the picturesque banks of the local rivers.

Region is a paradise not only in summer. Autumn is the best season for angling and a great challenge for mushroom picking. In winter the lakes become the scene of ice-sailing events.  It's a perfect time for the under ice angling. Winter is also a chance to take part in skiing and sleigh rides with unforgettable bonfires. White, fantastic landscape is a source of inspiration for everyone who can see the Beauty.

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